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In this portal you will find the Code of Conduct “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice” issued by the DFG. The aim of the Code is to create a deeply rooted culture of research integrity in the German research system. The 19 guidelines set out appropriate standards for research work, including comments for practical application. Higher education institutions and non-HEI research institutions implement the guidelines as a requirement for receiving funding from the DFG.

About this portal

The main feature of the portal is a practically oriented, subject-specific commentary on the Code; the DFG secures quality assurance of all content. You will also find information here on how the DFG is involved in the area of research integrity. Finally, the portal also contains details of current topics and events.

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About the Code of Conduct

The Code is a reference tool on the subject of research integrity. It provides an orientation framework for researchers and for leaders of higher education institutions and non-higher education research institutions.

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Implementation of the Code

With the entry into force of the Code, legally binding implementation of the guidelines and explanations on the part of the institutions is a requirement for receiving funding from the DFG.

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