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Guideline 15

Publication medium

Authors select the publication medium carefully, with due regard for its quality and visibility in the relevant field of discourse. Researchers who assume the role of editor carefully select where they will carry out this activity. The scientific/academic quality of a contribution does not depend on the medium in which it is published.


In addition to publication in books and journals, authors may also consider academic repositories, data and software repositories, and blogs. A new or unknown publication medium is evaluated to assess its seriousness.

A key criterion to selecting a publication medium is whether it has established guidelines on good research practice.


In repositories, digital content is stored on a long-term basis and made available to either a limited or a broader group of users.

In addition to being published at their place of origin, academic journals and other text publications are often held in institutional or subject-specific repositories so as to ensure worldwide open access. Such repositories are now being increasingly developed as places for the initial publication of research results, too.

The following lists will help you find out which repositories are available for publishing texts or data:

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