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Guideline 9

Research design

Researchers take into account and acknowledge the current state of research when planning a project. To identify relevant and suitable research questions, they familiarise themselves with existing research in the public domain. HEIs and non-HEI research institutions ensure that the necessary basic framework for this is in place.


Methods to avoid (unconscious) distortions in the interpretation of findings, e.g. the use of blinding in experiments, are used where possible. Researchers examine whether and to what extent gender and diversity dimensions may be of significance to the research project (with regard to methods, work programme, objectives, etc.). The context in which the research was conducted is taken into consideration when interpreting findings.

Sex, gender and diversity – Relevance to research projects

In basic research, sex, gender and diversity dimensions can be a crucial factor for planning and implementing research projects. This applies quite independently of the discipline, especially in terms of transferability of results to different groups of people as well as the subsequent application or use of the data.

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