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Safeguarding of research integrity by the DFG

The DFG ensures research integrity is maintained at various levels and in different ways:

  • Enacting of the white paper “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” (1998) and the Code of Conduct “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice” (2019) by the DFG General Assembly
  • The requirement for receiving funding from the DFG is that HEIs and non-HEI research institutions implement the 19 guidelines of the Code on a legally binding basis.
  • When submitting draft proposals or full proposals, and also as part of the DFG’s general funding guidelines as well as those that apply to the funding instruments administered by the DFG, applicants and funding recipients are already obliged to comply with the rules of good research practice; reference is made to the fact that the DFG’s Rules of Procedure for Dealing with Scientific Misconduct (VerfOwF) apply.
  • In the context of its funding and committee activities, the DFG ensures compliance with the rules of good research practice by applying its regulations on avoiding the appearance of conflicts of interest/bias, for example.
  • The DFG conducts its own procedures to investigate allegations of scientific misconduct if a case falls within its area of responsibility/authority.

Notes on implementation of the Code

Since the Code came into force on 1 August 2019, all HEIs and non-HEI research institutions have had to implement the 19 guidelines on a legally binding basis in order to receive funding from the DFG.

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Recognition of the Rules of Procedure

When they submit a proposal to the DFG, applicants agree to adhere to the principles of good research practice and accept the Rules of Procedure.

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The DFG procedure in cases of suspected scientific misconduct

The DFG procedure upholds the principles of a fair and confidential process. The principle of the presumption of innocence explicitly applies.

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Process Guideline for Good Research Practice

This guide is intended as a practical aid to contribute to safeguarding good research practice.

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DFG Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

The appearance of conflicts of interest/bias is examined at every step of the review process.

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Contact the Research Integrity Team

In the event of a suspicion of scientific misconduct, please contact the Research Integrity Team.

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