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Guideline 8

Stakeholders, responsibilities and roles

The roles and responsibilities of the researchers and research support staff participating in a research project must be clear at each stage of the project.


The participants in a research project engage in regular dialogue. They define their roles and responsibilities in a suitable way and adapt them where necessary. Adaptations are likely to be needed if the focus of a participant’s work changes.

Setting down responsibilities in writing

In order to ensure roles are clearly established at all times during the course of a research project, it is helpful to set down the roles and responsibilities in writing in an agreement.

This agreement should be as precise as possible and signed by the respective individuals, each of whom then receive a copy. It is advisable to record any changes made to concrete details as promptly as possible.

In addition, the agreement should be reviewed at regular intervals by all those involved to ensure that it is up to date and amended if necessary. Any changes should also be dated and signed by the persons included in the list.

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