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Guidelines for quality-promoting aspects in medicine and biomedicine

06.07.2021 – An orientation for applicants, reviewers and committee members.

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Positive example of the utilisation of older data in the geosciences

03.12.2020 – Example from Saxony

Comment on: GL9 (Natural sciences) , GL10 (Natural sciences) , GL12 (Natural sciences) , GL13 (Natural sciences) , GL17 (Natural sciences)

Handling research data in the humanities and social sciences

03.12.2020 – Research data in humanities and social science projects are as diverse as the wide range of subjects and methods and form an integral part of the research results. A conscious approach to the documentation, maintenance, archiving and provision of data for ...

Comment on: GL5 (Humanities and social sciences) , GL7 (Humanities and social sciences) , GL10 (Humanities and social sciences) , GL12 (Humanities and social sciences) , GL13 (Humanities and social sciences) , GL17 (Humanities and social sciences)

Maintaining storage capacity

03.12.2020 – Long-term storage of research data

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Archiving data in the earth sciences and environmental sciences

03.12.2020 – Best practice example – PANGAEA

Comment on: GL13 (Natural sciences) , GL15 (Natural sciences) , GL17 (Natural sciences)