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Guideline 2

Professional ethics

Researchers are responsible for putting the fundamental values and norms of research into practice and advocating for them. Education in the principles of good research begins at the earliest possible stage in academic teaching and research training. Researchers at all career levels regularly update their knowledge about the standards of good research practice and the current state of the art.


Experienced and early career researchers support each other in a process of continuous mutual learning and ongoing training and maintain a regular dialogue.

Aspects of good research practice specific to physics

Physics associations such as the German Physical Society, the European Physical Society and the American Physical Society offer opportunities for regular dialogue on discipline-specific aspects of good research practice.

The relevant websites provide information on ethics guidelines (see the link below to the APS guidelines), for example, as well as press releases relating to developments in good research practice in physics (see the link below to the German Physical Society press release).

Specifically, recommendations issued by the Conference of Physics Departments (KFP) are listed as a guide so as to contribute to discussion on the further development of ethical standards in research (see the link below to the recommendations issued by the Conference of Physics Departments).

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